Financial Institutions

HMDA LAR Data Scrub

Minimize or eliminate exceptions in your HMDA reporting.

Is your HMDA LAR data free of errors and ready for submission by the March 1, 2018, due date?

If not OR you’re not sure OR if you don’t have the time or personnel available to verify HMDA LAR data accuracy, Wipfli’s compliance team can help!

Our compliance consultants can provide an on-site scrub of your HMDA LAR data to ensure information is recorded accurately based on documentation in your loan files. As a result of our review, we provide a list of errors and discrepancies for you to validate and correct prior to the submission date to minimize or eliminate exceptions in your HMDA reporting.

Wipfli provides regulatory compliance services to financial institutions around the country. Having worked in the trenches, our compliance team understands the realities you face and provides the help and guidance you need to be successful. Our approach is centered on risk-focused, best practice solutions and service excellence.

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