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Managed Technology Services

Technology services built for the specific needs of nonprofits.

More than ever before, technology plays a critical role in advancing the mission of today's nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits face staffing and resource limitations, making maintaining a first-rate technology environment a challenge. This often leaves organizations in a constant cycle of unexpected IT spending and support issues.

Wipfli’s Managed Technology consultants understand the specific requirements nonprofits face and leverage IT to meet needs, budget, and goals.

Managed technology services include:

  • Proactively managing and monitoring networks, servers, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Protecting systems with automatic software and antivirus updates
  • Safeguarding servers from data disasters with industry-proven backup and disaster recovery
  • Providing unlimited 24/7/365 customer support through Wipfli’s Service Center
  • Training staff on the latest technology
  • Reviewing security practices to promote technology compliance standards
  • Budgeting and planning for the future of technology in the organization
  • Navigating technology investments and decisions through a roadmap

Managed Technology Services

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