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Microsoft Dynamics GP

More than just small business accounting software, Dynamics GP is an ERP solution for small business that makes it easy to start with only what’s needed now, and then adapt as needs change. Dynamics GP is flexible, configurable, and designed to grow as the business grows.

The innovative system keeps people in business by keeping business simple.

Deploy a spectrum of integrated applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP including:

  • Financial series: Automatically combine and distill information from disparate departments and reports to gain insight into critical paths to profitability.
  • Supply chain management: Streamline production and distribution centers with instant visibility into inventory & output to avoid roadblocks before they even arise.
  • Payroll and human resource management: See real return on the time, effort, and resources you pour into your people, without pouring time, effort, and resources into reporting requirements.
  • Collaboration, analytics, and reporting: Common reports and tools are available to everyone in the organization so they can quickly generate and share insight.

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