Cost of Doing Business Report

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The Indian gaming industry has grown rapidly over the past 30 years. Much of this growth has centered on casino expansion, new facilities, acquisition of additional or new equipment, new technology and tribal/national politics. With such growth, there has been little time to focus on internal financial performance.

Wipfli’s Indian Gaming Cost of Doing Business Report is a valuable business management aid designed as a tool for financial analysis and planning. See how your gaming operations’ performance measures up to industry standards.

  • Financial data on more than 105 tribal casinos
  • Over 50 pages of casino profitability and expense measures unique to tribal gaming
  • Data presented by segments: region, revenue, urban/rural, casinos with hotels/with no hotels, high profit
  • Invaluable information and helpful graphs

Featured Thought Leader

Grant Eve, CPA, CFE

Grant is a partner specializing in tribal and commercial gaming. He has several years of experience in working with tribal gaming organizations and commercial casinos throughout the United States. Grant is a nationally recognized leader in the gaming industry and has testified before the U.S. senate, authored numerous articles and been interviewed in several industry publications.

 Cost of Doing Business Report - Indian Gaming