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Accounting System Implementation

Your software’s implementation is just as critical as its functionality.

Bring to life the most efficient and advanced solution for your tribal government accounting team. By working with a firm with decades of experience in tribal government, leading accounting software and detailed project planning, your tribe can optimize your accounting system implementation and help ensure your team is trained and ready to use it to its fullest capabilities.

With Wipfli’s tribal government implementation, your accounting team can:

Develop a detailed project plan.

The phrase “on the same page” couldn’t hold any more truth than when implementing your new system. Where the project is, where it’s headed and what you need to do to reach your goals are all vital variables for sound execution and timely delivery. Let Wipfli drive the car. We have completed hundreds of technology implementations, which means our practice of getting you to the finish line is well designed and time tested.

Create the ideal implementation environment.

We have seen it before. After dozens of complex and large-scale tribal government implementations, we have encountered — and overcome — 99% of your challenges. Use the Wipfli team to help ensure your tribal government has the greatest opportunity to achieve optimal success using your new software. Our experience and capabilities, paired with your organizational knowledge, create the ideal implementation environment.

Achieve proficiency from the go-live date.

Proper training and beta testing make your accounting team comfortable and confident in using your new solution, which is critical to getting the most out of your technology investment. From day one, we work with your team so that when you go live on Intacct, the feeling of it being foreign is gone. No more running two systems parallel. You will hit the ground running and never look back.

Get the support you need.

We don’t implement and run. Post-go-live support is a must. Your implementation team works with you side by side as you get comfortable and ultimately strive to master your new tribal government accounting system. And by working with Wipfli, you receive ongoing training for new functionality, updates on best practices and, most of all, support as your needs change and your tribe diversifies.

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