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Finance Process Optimization

Minimize the risk of fraud and automate how it’s done.

It’s no secret that tribal funds, grants and indirect expenses are heavily scrutinized. The end goal for all tribes is to ensure the proper, uncompromised management of their funds by adhering to strict guidelines and regulations.

Accurate, transaction-level data that satisfies compliance is a necessity. But the functionality of a tribe’s accounting and business management software doesn’t have to end there. In this day and age, the target is to have audit-ready financials at all times.

So how do you build an automated tribal government accounting system that can make all of this happen? You tear the old foundation down and reengineer it to meet the capabilities of a modern software solution. It starts with a fine-grained review of your processes, workflows, user permissions, audit log parameters, internal communication process and a tribal-specific set of key performance benchmarks.

Transform Your Processes. Create Efficiencies. Improve Results.

At Wipfli, we call this the finance transformation process, otherwise known as a comprehensive business process assessment — and it’s the most critical part of any conversion project. There’s no better time to trim the fat from your out-of-date processes than when you’re implementing a new system.

With finance process optimization, you can use open, departmental-level discussions about new best practices to foster new leaders and provide a stage for all team members to give feedback on how you can improve. This helps ensure the maximum automation of your new processes and provides you and your management team with confidence in the future state and the benefits it will provide.

The Wipfli Difference

Team up with a firm that has helped tribal clients complete countless successful software projects — all starting with a sound business assessment. Our objective is always the same: to improve and transform your financial systems by introducing reengineered processes that streamline and automate as many steps as possible. In the end, you can rest assured your leadership has sound management and accounting practices in place.

Using the experienced Wipfli team, you can:

  • Improve quality: Increase the quality controls at the source to reduce rework and increase compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Simplify processes: Reduce complexity and increase the standardization of processes alongside technology. 
  • Achieve timeliness: Reduce wasted or sunk time and improve cycle times.

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