Accounting Services (Outsourced)

Fast and reliable support, always there when you need it.

Delegate back-office business functions and get virtual back-office help from highly trained professionals. Wipfli can accommodate the full spectrum of accounting, finance and day-to-day bookkeeping activities. We design, deploy and manage outsourced human capital, finance and accounting transaction processing, financial analysis and technology infrastructure solutions that support tribal government performance.

  • Funds management to comply with tribal policies and funding source requirements
  • Purchasing and spend control management
  • Indirect cost pooling, calculations and charges
  • Federal funds reporting (SF-270, SF-425, SEFA, etc.)
  • Complete audit support and liaison services

Featured Thought Leader

Joseph Eve, CPA, CFE

Joseph is an audit and consulting partner with Wipfli. He has over 34 years of auditing and consulting experience with casinos and gaming operations, tribal governments and other entities.

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