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Use digital customer registration cards to keep track of leads

Mar 13, 2023

Customer registration cards are an effective way for homebuilders to track leads and convert them into sales. But they’re only useful if someone inputs the data.

That task usually falls on salespeople or their administrative staff. Handwritten lead sheets have to be collected or transcribed, then typed into a CRM or tracking sheet.

What if customers did it themselves? Using a kiosk or QR code, interested buyers can complete builder registration cards for you in a few clicks.

Go digital, gain benefits

Builder registration cards should be a building block for your marketing strategy — not a roadblock. Digital tools allow you to skip data entry (and reentry) and create a more efficient sales journey.  

When customers use mobile devices or kiosks to entire their information, it’s logged immediately. A new customer record is created as soon as they hit submit, and the data flows directly into your CRM system. Digital leads are never lost.

Digital visitor cards eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and lower the chance of error. Then, your sales team can spend more time using data and connecting with prospects than they do entering it.

Make it easier for customers and salespeople to connect. Digital builder registration cards help homebuilders track qualified buyers more efficiently.

And Wipfli can help you make the digital transition. We have specialists in CRM integration, technology planning and change management. Let’s switch to digital together. Learn more about how we can help on our web page for homebuilder solutions.


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