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Turn obstacles into opportunities

Every construction project offers unique opportunities and challenges. Having the right team in your corner with a fresh perspective can help you achieve success with the speed you need.

At Wipfli, our team understands the unique challenges and risks homebuilders face each day. Our specialists bring industry insight and the technical know-how to help you improve performance, increase cash flow, build the team of the future and gain control over internal finances.

Our prebuilt and custom solutions can help you:

  • Improve your financial operations: You need strong financial management without the cost of forming and maintaining your own in-house team. Our outsourced CFO and accounting teams take care of today’s tasks, while using the latest technology to deliver new insights into your business and help you make proactive, strategic decisions for the future. In addition, our tax team can help further fuel your success by minimizing your risk with the right energy tax incentives, such as 45L.
  • Optimize people, strategy and operations: To move your business forward and enhance your performance, you need to align your people, strategy and operations. We can help you create a succession plan and recruit/retain the workforce you need today. From insights to action, our organizational performance consulting team partners with you to make your organization healthier, more agile and more valuable.
  • Drive decisions with data: Complexity can mask the impact of estimating a project and accounting for its costs. Cut through the confusion with advice on designing job costing processes, creating a chart of accounts, and developing tools for estimating and job cost functions. Our data and analytics team can help you introduce key benchmarks to ensure that managers understand goals and can objectively be held accountable for results.
  • Strengthen your tech: Technology is getting more intricate, and hackers are getting smarter. Our team has a custom CRM solution built on top of Salesforce that meets homebuilders’ unique needs. We also provide enterprise resource planning solutions such as NetSuite and JD Edwards to meet homebuilders’ needs and deliver reliable, clean data to improve job cost projections and competitive bids. Our cybersecurity solutions can also help protect that data and your systems.

Wipfli has been a trusted resource to the construction industry for over 75 years. We offer services in tax and audit, risk advisory, digital transformation, outsourcing, organizational performance, M&A and leadership. 

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