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45L tax credit

Claim your energy efficient home credit

Section 45L provides a tax credit to developers, owners and builders of qualifying single-family homes and multi-family units and complexes. If you’re wondering whether you qualify for the tax credit, standards are easier to meet than you might think.

To qualify, a housing unit should use significantly less energy than national energy standards. With current trends in energy-efficient construction, many projects already exceed these standards.

Let Wipfli’s tax specialists and advisors help you obtain the tax credits you’re entitled to. We offer a complimentary analysis to determine whether your building qualifies for green building tax incentives. If it does, we can also provide the necessary certification study and documentation to meet IRS mandates. And because the 45L tax credit generally can be claimed retroactively for residential projects completed within the last three years, Wipfli can also assist with preparing documentation and filing an amended return, if need be.