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Dispute Resolution

Bring clarity and efficient conclusion to construction and real estate disputes.

From simple negotiations to complex legal support, resolving disputes in the construction and real estate industry demands a unique combination of industry insight, fiscal discipline, and an understanding of the legal process.

Teams efficiently and expertly gather, evaluate, and report the financial and operational data necessary to prepare an effective case. Experienced consultants provide a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of legal strategies.

Dispute Resolution Process

The firm’s reputation as auditors along with its wide array of expertise, gives clients a deep bench from which to draw the resources needed to resolve even the most complex disputes. Services include:

Agreed-upon Procedures Reports

  • Assisting in defining and then executing specific procedures
  • Tailored for specific circumstances
  • Entire project cost or specific item review
  • Provide peace of mind regarding actual cost of construction

Construction dispute resolution

  • Objective reviewers of facts surrounding disputes
  • Effective communication of findings
  • Cost-effective means to resolution

Litigation support

  • Experienced in mediation, arbitration, and judge and jury trials
  • Experienced with claim preparation and review
  • Assistance during the discovery process
  • Development of case-specific data retrieval systems
  • Working with attorneys to provide case management strategies
  • Preparation of deposition and interrogatory questions
  • Expert witness reports
  • Expert witness testimony

Construction project claims management
Put the facts to work and protect your interests
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