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Construction Contract Compliance Services

Benefit From Complete Accuracy in Your Construction Contracts

Have you ever wondered if the billings from your construction project match the terms of your contract? Are you lacking the time and resources to verify their accuracy? The complexity of construction contracts makes it easy for billing errors to slip under the radar.

Gain peace of mind with Wipfli’s construction compliance team. We help ensure that actual and potential overpayments and overcharges are identified immediately, while allowing you to explore opportunities for cost recovery. Leverage the Wipfli team to:

  • Evaluate contract terms
  • Review project budgets
  • Ensure billing accuracy
  • Validate compliance with contract terms
  • Analyze overhead and profit
  • Review insurance costs
  • Analyze change orders
  • Verify labor costs
  • Analyze subcontracts
  • Validate the cost of self-performed work
  • Examine general construction costs

Your business can benefit from knowledgeable specialists who truly understand the intricacies of your industry, listen to the problems you face and work collaboratively with you to uncover valuable solutions. Contact us today to get started.

Construction contract compliance
Gain peace of mind with specialists on your side
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