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Managed Detection and Response

High-speed, high-touch, 24/7 protection.

Cyberthreats are growing and becoming more sophisticated. Organizations need strong detection and response capabilities in order to quickly identify threats and act before they turn into breaches.

Next-gen cybersecurity

Managed detection and response (MDR) combines technology and human expertise to protect your organization. It’s a solution that delivers advanced threat detection, extensive threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident mitigation and collaborative breach response — all on a 24/7 basis.

For many organizations, building these next-generation capabilities is not feasible. By delivering advanced MDR services, Wipfli bridges the gap so that you can remove both the complexity and cost of building in-house next-generation security operations.

High-speed attacks require high-speed defense

Successfully managing current cyberthreats means meeting the speed of a cybercriminal’s attack with the speed of your defense.

Our MDR solution is artificial intelligence-driven and combines machine learning, security automation and human intelligence to rapidly detect advanced threats. This helps ensure threats are identified in real-time and validated in minutes. When the average time it takes to detect a breach is over 200 days, you can reduce your response time to just hours and minutes.

Strengthen traditional security services

Your traditional IT services and internal IT support still have an important role to play, but when it comes to security, they may no longer be enough on their own. MDR can augment your IT security in a cost-effective way to improve response time, mitigate risk and get you the maximum return on your investment.

Managed Detection & Response Solutions

Experience active, next-level protection that leaves yesterday’s passive security monitoring where it belongs. MDR helps unearth advanced attacks before they happen, and detect known attacks and compliance violations at machine speed — all so you don’t have to worry about being tonight’s top story.

Threat anticipation

How many times a month do you read or hear about a new security threat that has already claimed multiple business victims? After an initial success, attackers typically repeat their attack against other targets across industries and geographies.

A key part of our MDR solution is gathering data and intelligence on threats and attacks worldwide, identifying if you might be the next target, and letting you know what actions to take to protect your digital assets before an attack can be launched against you.

Threat hunting

Using data science models and machine-learning algorithms to detect suspicious activities, we proactively hunt for hidden threats to your environment. Plus, specialized teams analyze the data further to detect threats that may have gone undetected by other security controls.

Threat hunting covers four scenarios of security analytics:

  • Managed endpoint threat analytics
  • Managed user behavior analytics
  • Managed network threat analytics
  • Managed application threat analytics

Security monitoring

By collecting and analyzing your logs and security events, we can set up rules that will then detect known attacks and take action in real time.

Our team provides you with 24/7 alerts, log management and compliance-ready reporting. Plus, monitoring both hybrid and cloud infrastructure enables us to protect popular platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When it comes to responding to an incident, your main focus is on containing, eradicating and recovering from the threat. Using a combination of skilled analysts, automation and artificial intelligence, MDR helps you safeguard your organization and get back to business — fast.

Incident analysis

We combine forensic automation with skilled analysts to investigate threats to your organization. By using automation to identify the attack chain, potential impact and the threat actors themselves, we can rapidly deliver detailed incident mitigation steps. Our team determines if an incident has occurred (and how deep it really goes), and gives you the full story — before an attack unfolds.

Auto containment

Internal security teams are often understaffed and overworked. But auto containment takes one critical security task out of their hands.

As soon as our AI detects a threat, like ransomware, we can automatically deploy countermeasures to stop it from spreading.

Incident response

Wipfli's response is rapid, coordinated and effective in safeguarding your enterprise. Our incident responders investigate attacks, contain the impact and restore your data and systems to a protected state. By collaborating with your in-house teams where needed, we can take immediate action.

With Wipfli’s MDR solution, you can simplify your compliance. Generate customizable reports to show compliance with regulatory requirements like FFIEC, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001, NYDFS and GDPR.

Our solution also includes:

  • Security event monitoring
  • Event log monitoring and retention
  • Automated audit trails