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Managed security services

High-speed, high-touch, 24/7 protection.

Cyberthreats are growing and becoming more sophisticated. Organizations need strong detection and response capabilities in order to quickly identify threats and act before they turn into breaches.

Next-gen cybersecurity

Wipfli’s managed security services take the stress out of detecting and responding to cybersecurity incidents — letting you focus on running your business.

It’s a solution that delivers not only advanced threat detection but also ransomware protection, extensive threat analytics, global threat intelligence, faster incident mitigation and collaborative breach response — all on a 24/7 basis.

For many organizations, building next-generation capabilities is not feasible. By delivering advanced managed security services, Wipfli augments your IT security, bridging the gap so that you can remove both the complexity and the cost of developing in-house security operations.

Managed security solutions

Wipfli combines human intelligence with managed endpoint detection and response (MDR), Office 365 security monitoring and security information and event management (SIEM) to give you high-speed protection. Choose from one of three solution tiers:

Our MDR solution delivers:

  • Class-leading endpoint detection and response software
  • AI-powered monitoring that continuously identifies malicious activity on the endpoint
  • Complete detection and response
  • Incident analysis and auto containment for endpoint threats
  • 24/7 security operations center services to initiate response activities

Our Office 365 monitoring solution delivers MDR, plus:

  • Monitoring for anomalous behavior in your Office 365 tenant
  • 24/7 response to suspicious activity indicative of email compromise attacks, such as impossible travel scenarios or auto-forward rule creation

Our most complete managed security service delivers MDR and Office 365 monitoring, plus:

  • Detection of network-based threats that eluded your defenses
  • Proactive threat hunting with early warning on trending threats
  • Global visibility to threats happening around the world
  • Enhanced response capabilities without adding headcount to your IT and security team
  • Log data archival and reporting to support regulatory compliance requirements