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Discover the power of banking analytics software

Feb 09, 2023

In today’s business landscape, it’s essential to empower your institution with information and insight to make data-driven decisions, reduce risk and improve your engagement with customers. The way to stand out is by finding right banking analytics software.

Many institutions have a reporting specialist who is proficient in handling report generation requests, but it can be a time-consuming process to create ad hoc reports to answer specific questions. All too often, those requests lead to the laborious and error-prone process of creating spreadsheets containing manipulated data. The fact is, it’s difficult or impossible to meet your data needs adequately with traditional reporting tools, which is why many institutions are looking for banking analytics software to leverage data across their staff.

Going beyond standard reporting

The hurdles with traditional reporting are significant. The reporting/analytics task might be a side project for someone juggling other duties. The processes for custom data reporting requests might be siloed within departments and slow to assemble. The trend data that you request may be out of date by the time the report arrives.

The reporting specialist may also be overwhelmed with the volume of report requests that they receive. Common data requests might include:

  • Timely customized reports showing the most recent and year-to-date volume of business across branches or lines of business.
  • Visibility to new account growth and fluctuation amount over time.
  • Marketing analysis to support campaigns or cross-selling.
  • Compliance-related data requests.

An ideal way to reduce the pain points in the pursuit of the data you need is to move to a largely self-service model so that more individuals can confidently pull and analyze information to use in their role. Institutions need an automated, modern approach to self-service analytics.

How self-service banking analytics software works

This banking analytics tool starts by loading data from your core banking platform, refreshing it daily and then presenting the data in user-friendly intuitive dashboards.

With just a few clicks, you can readily access and monitor:

  • Account balance trends
  • Customer data and customer account data analysis
  • Loan officer productivity reporting
  • Branch activity reporting
  • Suspicious activity

Enabling banks to excel with data and analytics


Enabling banks to excel with data and analytics

You’ll be able to make use of critical analyses, observe key insights, and customize and save reports for the way you work. The solution is designed for self-service by any authorized professional at the bank, decreasing speed to insight with less burden on key individuals. The solution is designed to be implemented in a speedy project cycle that pays dividends quickly and empowers your team to confidently leverage data.

This banking analytics tool is ready to deploy on core banking platform data. This system provides:

  • A ready-to-go data model refreshed daily over your core banking platform to ensure faster, easier implementation. You can add more data from other systems as you go.
  • Sophisticated visual analytics and insights on key performance metrics.
  • Self-service capabilities enabling users to create custom analytics and dashboards.
  • Trend balances over time to give you valuable insight and views.
  • Customizable report/dashboard templates that allow you to configure information to your unique needs.
  • Dynamic query functionality that lets you to build complex searches and real-time queries to answer everyday questions in seconds.

Enabling banks to excel with data and analytics

How Wipfli can help

This banking analytics solution creates a strong foundation of data analytics for your institution at an affordable price and with a straightforward user interface.

Contact us to learn more about the tool and how Wipfli can help you implement it — and solve your data management and analytics challenges.

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