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What Microsoft’s free 6-month trial of Power Apps means for eligible nonprofits

Apr 17, 2020

Previously, we covered how Microsoft is offering Teams for free for six months in response to the widespread need among organizations to transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teams isn’t the only platform with a six-month trial. Microsoft has responded to further empower healthcare, education, governments and nonprofits that are on the COVID-19 frontline by also making Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Apps portals and Power Virtual Agents available for free for six months.

What does that mean for your nonprofit?

The Power App platform enables organizations to rapidly build low-code apps to address a range of challenges. It offers pre-built templates with drag-and-drop functionality so that people who aren’t tech experts can still build apps, using language they can understand.

The key takeaway for nonprofits is that, via Power Apps, you gain the ability to deploy apps to enable much-needed resource tracking and crisis communication, helping you respond better and faster to COVID-19.

The apps you can build are highly scalable, with broad distribution abilities, allowing you to quickly put data into the hands of end-users. The possibilities are near endless. You could create an app to track how many ventilators you have, which ones are in use and where. You could create an app to quickly disseminate critical updates to employees. You can even create an app to enable remote employees to perform intake.

Power Apps is not a siloed data source when leveraging the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) for Nonprofits. When built with the CDM as the basis, you can scale both in size and breadth of areas covered, adding applications and moving towards an end-to-end solution.

Microsoft is offering six months free of Power Apps to specifically address the needs of COVID-19-related activities for healthcare organizations, government entities, education organizations and nonprofits.

Starting the PowerApps free trial — and making the most of it

COVID-19 is putting a lot of strain on nonprofits working its front lines and stressing employees who need solutions quickly. Even given the ease of building apps with Power Apps, you may not have the time to design and build the apps you need.

How do you move from ideation to prototype? How do you know what capabilities and features you need to include or how to begin scaling the foundation of what you build?

Essentially, how do you make the most of this six-month trial?

Wipfli, a Microsoft partner, enables nonprofits to accelerate their impact by engaging in a streamlined, logical ideation process to define their challenges and requirements, build a prototype and then rapidly build the app.

It’s how we collaborated with Team Rubicon to build their Neighbors Helping Neighbors app, which is intended to help the most vulnerable in our communities to stay safely in their home while the community assists with their needs. The app tracks volunteers who check on neighbors and deliver essentials such as groceries, capturing both hours and impact.

Power Apps has such a wide variety of uses. Food banks could create an app to enable online ordering and curbside pickup or delivery. Head start organizations could help further enable virtual classrooms and healthcare organizations could track essential resources.

If your organization could benefit from building an app to help you navigate COVID-19’s challenges, contact us for an assessment. We will discuss your challenges and learn if Power Apps would be the right fit to increase your speed to impact.

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