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2019 Nonprofit Outlook Survey Report

Jul 15, 2019

The 2019 Nonprofit Outlook Survey Report, sponsored by Wipfli, was conducted in early 2019. Polling over 700 financial professionals and executives from the nonprofit sector across the country, the survey explored the challenges facing this industry, as well as organizations’ priorities in 2019.

Early events in 2019, from trade disputes to the government shutdown, have created economic uncertainty that has the potential to impact the scalability and longevity of nonprofits this year. The tax reform law on giving may also impact the financial performance of nonprofits and will need to be closely monitored as the data continues to emerge, providing a better understanding for organizations’ leadership teams. The survey prompts nonprofits of all sizes and who serve a wide range of programs to develop and follow best practices, while considering what financial guidance their organizations’ decision makers need to simplify the complexities of nonprofit business processes.

The following survey questions identify several key aspects necessary for growth, operational efficiency and employee recruitment prioritized by nonprofits as important to delivering on their overall strategy and mission. Respondents recognize the need to create a culture of wellbeing within their workplaces as well as the need to shift their focus toward accountability and outcomes to produce the necessary results for their organizations. The study highlights these concerns and challenges.

Click here to download the full report.


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