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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Four New Features You Should Know

Jan 07, 2019

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the company’s all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, is designed to help organizations seamlessly connect financials, sales, service and operations to streamline pertinent business processes and empower more informed decision-making.

In October 2018, Microsoft announced a new release of Business Central, with updates that are positioned to make the solution even more convenient and effective for its users. Here are the four, key features that could be a game-changer for your business operations:

Modern UI, Everywhere

The October release brought several updates to Business Central’s user interface (UI), including new design elements that offer a refreshing look and feel.

Specific, functional changes, such as a prominently displayed “back” button, allow users to quickly navigate the solution with ease and efficiency. Special dynamic system commands occupy the middle section of the screen, which brings the navigation closer to users.

Microsoft has also revamped the solution’s search fields, providing broader search scopes and enhanced search logic. Cortana is now available in the search functionality for more accurate, voice-enabled search capabilities.

Beyond search, the new release brings enhancements to list management, including advanced list filtering, keyboard shortcuts and grid improvements.

Overall, Business Central’s modern, updated design improves layout, data readability and visibility, while streamlining navigation so users can stay focused and enjoy a more optimal experience.

Cloud and On-Premise Solutions Are Synchronized

A second, major pillar of the October release is the unification of both cloud and on-premise Business Central solutions.

Back in spring 2018, Microsoft brought the robust capabilities of its on-premise solution to the cloud, but with the latest release, customers now have the option to deploy the service locally to the hardware of their choice, while also having a replicated tenant in the cloud to enable cloud-powered solutions. Now, there’s only one code base that manages both deployment options, ideally giving those customers who prefer on-premise deployment the same modern, rich experience as cloud users.

Impactful Insights From the Intelligent Cloud

Insights from the Intelligent Cloud are now available to existing, on-premise Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP and SL customers.

By adding the Business Central cloud functionality to their systems, they can automatically synchronize data to the cloud, where artificial intelligence (AI) and other cloud-based scenarios can run against their data. Insights on areas like financial performance, sales and predicted cash flow forecasts are returned directly into these Windows-based solutions.

As a result, on-premise users are now able to get an unparalleled analytical experience that’s powered by the cloud.

Cloud-Ready When You Are

Now that customers can deploy the Business Central solution locally and simultaneously access a replicated tenant in the cloud, Microsoft is able to transition these on-premise users to its cloud solution much more seamlessly.

With the October release, the Business Central dashboard now shows “cloud-ready status,” so when users are ready to switch, it’s a simple and easy step. The common code base also makes for an easier transition to the cloud and a shorter learning curve. This will be an advantage for small and medium-sized businesses that currently utilize Business Central and are thinking about switching over to a completely cloud-powered solution.

The October release brings key advancements in the synchronization and unification of the Business Central solution, no matter a customer’s deployment preference. Businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of the system’s modern design and cloud capabilities, further positioning their departments to streamline critical processes and operate more effectively.

To learn more about Business Central’s capabilities and make sure you’re taking full advantage of these new features, contact Wipfli.


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