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Sage Intacct’s Buy with Confidence Guarantee: How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Nov 05, 2018

At Wipfli, we have a long history of working with Sage Intacct — our Technology Consulting practice has partnered with the vendor for the better part of the past decade, implementing the software, designing integrations and improvements, and fully supporting our customers in their transition to cloud accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

In our upcoming articles, we’re going back to the basics and discussing the important factors that make the product one of the most powerful and reliable cloud accounting and ERP platforms on the market. As a follow-up to our last blog, which discussed the benefits of a “best-of-breed” solution for growing businesses, we’re turning our attention to one of Sage Intacct’s biggest selling points: the “Buy with Confidence Guarantee.” What exactly does the promise entail and how does it benefit Sage Intacct users?

How Does It Work?

With the Buy with Confidence Guarantee, customers get peace of mind in knowing they get exactly what they expect when they choose Sage Intacct as a vendor. The company’s service level agreement (SLA) is detailed, airtight and one of the strongest in the industry. From uptime guarantees to disaster recovery promises, Sage Intacct drafted the Buy with Confidence Guarantee at a time when the cloud was slowly gaining traction and the platform has continued to deliver as software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have grown in popularity and use.

Now that cloud technology has evolved into a viable option for most enterprises, Sage Intacct not only offers this airtight SLA, but it also has a strong history of meeting or exceeding its promises. So what does your business get by choosing Sage Intacct? 

Uptime Guarantees — Exceeded

When discussing cloud or SaaS solutions, one of the most common topics revolves around the concept of “nines,” or the promise that a vendor will offer a minimum of uptime each month. Most vendors work with data centers, leveraging economies of scale to offer your business the best uptime at the best cost.

As part of its Buy with Confidence Guarantee, Sage Intacct promises 99.8% uptime, which guarantees that unexpected downtime will not exceed 20.2 minutes per week. While this is an industry standard, Sage Intacct has consistently underpromised and overdelivered, currently boasting a 12-month running average of 99.98%.

Proactive Communication and Rapid Response

Sage Intacct cares about its customers and is committed to communicating regularly about scheduled downtime, future developments and more, as discussed in the Buy with Confidence SLA. Some of the highlights include:

  • Product Development Plans: Sage Intacct provides a rolling six-month view of its product roadmap and an opportunity to provide feedback via a quarterly web-based meeting. If an expected development will not launch at its expected time, Sage Intacct will provide prompt notification and a revised delivery date.
  • New Features: Sage Intacct proactively announces the availability of new features on its user homepage and via the Sage Intacct Update.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Weekly maintenance takes place during a two-hour, non-peak time (Friday evenings). If an extended maintenance period is required, whenever possible, Sage Intacct will reschedule it at a time that has the least impact on its customers (usually nights or weekends). Maintenance does not exceed eight hours per week.

Data Ownership

As a Sage Intacct customer, you explicitly own your data and may download it at any time. If you ever decide to leave the platform, Sage Intacct will help you remove your data out of its systems. You can also preserve your data on Sage Intacct’s systems at a nominal fee for as long as you wish.

Backing up the Guarantee: How Sage Intacct Protects Customers

With regular system updates, Sage Intacct takes steps to secure your data from threats — whether it’s from natural disasters, physical breaches or hacking.

Security, Both Physical and Digital

Sage Intacct’s tier-one data center performs transaction-log backups every 30 minutes and daily system-wide backups to tape and an offsite location. In addition, transaction backups are sent to the disaster recovery data center every two to four hours. Sage Intacct is committed to ensuring no more than four hours of a customer’s work is lost in the case of a catastrophic event.

Operating two redundant, Fortune 100-class data centers in San Jose and Sacramento, Sage Intacct monitors data 24/7, 365 days per year and provides full data recovery. In addition to its physical readiness for a catastrophic event, Sage Intacct offers top-of-the-line application security to ensure that only the right people get the right level of access to the Sage Intacct platform. 

Enterprise-Ready With Certifications to Prove It

Sage Intacct is designed to integrate with other applications but only those you want it to integrate with. The system is designed to prevent unauthorized programs, systems and users from gaining access or control of system processes, resources and data. Sage Intacct takes its system security seriously by staying up to date with the latest standards, completing audits and certifications and maintaining total security. As part of this approach, Sage Intacct:

  • Audits SSAE 18 SOC 1 Type 2 reports twice per year.
  • Audits SOC 2 Type 2 reports regularly.
  • Upholds Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 certification.
  • Tightly restricts access to production data, including biometric access controls.
  • Hardens networks and firewalls.
  • Tracks real-time activity logs.
  • Automates security scanning and third-party white hat penetration testing.
  • Reinforces virus resistance through software architecture.
  • Protects the Oracle database with advanced security.
  • Maintains minimum 128-bit encryption for all data transmission.

Buy With Confidence: the Sage Intacct and Wipfli Partnership

Sage Intacct is there to help ensure you have secure access to your data, when and where you need it. On top of this support, you need a trusted partner who can get you to the cloud — and that’s where Wipfli comes in.

Wipfli has been in the accounting business for nearly a century, and we continue to be a trusted technology advisor and partner to our clients. We believe in the strength and transformative power of Sage Intacct and can provide the people and skills you need to not only harness the technology but also improve and grow other aspects of your business.

Learn more about our work with Sage Intacct and the integrations we’ve designed to enhance the product for our clients — or, if you’re ready to get started, contact our team today.


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