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Why your CRM should be in the cloud

Mar 10, 2023

Customer relationship management (CRM) programs save time, eliminate rework and automate essential processes. But they’re not reaching their full potential unless you can access them from anywhere.

It’s time to move your CRM to the cloud.

A cloud-based CRM offers several benefits over the locally hosted platform you’re using today. For example:

  • Installation is easy: If you’ve been wary of another rollout, you can relax. Cloud-based installations don’t require new hardware or servers, which makes the process much simpler. The transition can even happen remotely, without vendors coming on site.
  • It’s more accessible: This is a gamechanger: Once transitioned, your CRM data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and from nearly any device. Team members will have login information that’s tied to their role and access. Then, they can access essential information and keep teammates informed from the office or the field.
  • It saves time: There’s no more inputting data “when I get back to the office.” Teams can take care of business right away. And a lot of data management tasks (such as compiling contacts, reports and dashboards) happen automatically.
  • Collaboration is effortless: Cloud-based programs use a centralized database that any department can access, if they have privileged access. Marketing, sales and customer service teams can work on accounts using the same, up-to-date information. Reps can login and view client files together in real time, or work on accounts independently and still keep everyone informed.
  • It’s simple to scale: You’re not going to run out of space in the cloud. Store as much information as you need to grow, without asking IT for support or reconfigurations.
  • It fits into your existing workflows: A lot of other applications already leverage the cloud, such as Zoom, G Suite and Microsoft Office. Cloud-based CRM systems can also integrate into existing apps and workflows, including industry-specific tools.
  • Backups are automatic: If there’s a power outage in your area or building damage, there’s no problem. Your customer data is securely and reliably backed up. And you don’t have to pay for backup resources or storage space.

Get the full benefits of CRM technology by moving your system to the cloud. We can help you transition to a cloud-based CRM that makes it easier for salespeople to win and close business. Let’s get started. Check out our web page.


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