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Jul 01, 2020
By: Bradley Cook

As we approach the Ag Conversations blog’s two-year anniversary, we wanted to pause to say thank you to our readers.

We appreciate the positive feedback you share with us and are happy to see that the content resonates with you — which we also see demonstrated in how our subscription list continues to grow month after month. Just like you, we want to keep improving and growing, so please continue to share your thoughts with us and let us know what topics you’d like to see (or not see) in the future.

On that “not see” note, we know that many people are tired of hearing about COVID-19 — we get it, and we feel the fatigue, too. We haven’t been immune from disruption ourselves as we near the extended finish line of the 2019 tax season. And while that’s not completely in the rear-view mirror yet, we thought you might enjoy a look back at some of our most popular blog posts.

5 of your favorite Ag Conversations blogs

1. 2020’s top 4 tech trends in agriculture

Agriculture is becoming a high-tech business. Farmers and ranchers are using technology to grow more crops and raise more animals on less land, controls pests and disease, and use data to make faster, better decisions. 

In 2020, the use of technology in agriculture is only going to expand. And it’s doing so on the heels of four tech trends.

2. Income tax ramifications of easements

How many farmers reading this blog have received payment in exchange for granting an easement on their lands? 

We’ve seen a fairly significant increase in this over the past few years, which led to us writing on what the income tax ramifications are of selling an easement on your lands.

An easement can take different forms, which depend on its purpose and duration. The income tax ramifications of selling an easement can also differ.

3. What’s my farm or ranch really worth?

If you’re an owner, chances are you’ve asked yourself that question a time or two, probably wondered about it for a few moments and then moved on to the next task on your list. However, it’s worth taking the time to answer this question, as there are a number of reasons to know and understand the value of your business, whether yours is a working farm or ranch, or any type business associated with agriculture. 

4. Three strong reasons to review your estate documents regularly

You have a will, so you figure you’re covered, right?  

Maybe, but maybe not. There are a number of reasons why you should review your estate documents regularly, from tax-related issues to changing family dynamics.

5. What the three big trade agreements mean for ag producers

Many in agriculture weren’t sad to see 2019 come to a close. For most, it was a pretty tough year. Low commodity prices and difficult growing conditions were prevalent across much of the country, and the weight of uncertainty in international trade only served to make things worse.

Fortunately, there are some bright spots for agriculture on the horizon, especially with recent positive movement on trade agreements. We talk about the three biggest agreements and what they mean for U.S. ag producers.

Continuing the Conversation

We hope that you enjoyed this look back at popular blog posts — and again we encourage you to leave comments below about this post or make suggestions for new topics of conversation. If you know someone who would enjoy this blog, please invite them to subscribe and join the conversation.

As we close this blog post, we’d like to wish you and your families a happy and safe Independence Day!


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