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Feb 10, 2016
By: Julianne A. Hoffmaster
Financial Institutions

I am the proud “grandma” of an adorable, high-energy Siberian husky named Shasta. Huskies are clever, and you have to maintain a high level of consistent training. They also think they are the “alpha.” My daughter Dana, Shasta’s dog “mom,” is an awesome trainer and is clearly the alpha in the relationship. Shasta likes to test that, but Dana rules with a firm and loving hand. Grandma . . . not so much. It is really easy to let things slide here and there. So maybe Shasta gets to lick my hands after I eat a hamburger, or maybe I don’t make her sit before she goes out.  No big deal, right? But it actually is.
As fiduciary auditors, we continually stress the importance of implementing and following consistent policies and procedures and “tone at the top.” When procedures are not followed consistently or do not adhere to set policies, or when management doesn’t reinforce the significance of consistency or does not practice it themselves, the organization is exposed to increased risk. It is our job to help our clients maintain this consistency and promote support, starting at the top.
So back to Shasta. Every time I take a shortcut or let her get away with something, I’m actually eroding the good training Dana has done and make it harder for both Dana and Shasta in the long run. I need to take my own advice and be consistent with Dana’s training procedures and let Shasta know I am the alpha. Wish me luck.      


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