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Strategic Sledding

Feb 02, 2017

Recently after one of our Minnesota winter snowstorms, we built a snow slide in our backyard for our grandchildren to go sledding on. It took some effort to smooth out the slide and create an unobstructed path that avoided potential collisions with poles for our bird feeders. However, after a few trial runs and corrections to the banked sides, the ride from top to bottom became smooth sledding! Everyone had a lot of fun making the run down the slide and then hauling their sleds back up the hill to do it again. Afterward, we all enjoyed some hot chocolate as a reward!
Although it may seem like a leap to make the connection, building the snow slide reminds me of the process we use for strategic planning. The final result relies heavily on preparation and execution of a strategic plan that provides a clear path for everyone to follow. Trial runs and course corrections are inevitably an important part of a strategic plan’s refinement. Teamwork to get everyone on the same page and going in the same direction is a vital component as well. Just like sledding down a track and keeping the course clear, working with a team to achieve common goals is a lot of fun too. And then, similar to having some hot chocolate together after sledding, sharing a reward for a job well done is important to the team! Now is a good time to check in on your strategic plans for 2016 and beyond. Let us know if Wipfli can assist in creating or updating a strategic plan for your organization and support your team. Contact your relationship manager or send an email to In the meantime, we wish you smooth sledding!

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