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Trick . . . or Treat?

Oct 26, 2016
By: Cynthia Brzeski
Financial Institutions

A recent visit brought two-year-old Nola and her parents for the weekend. Our single-family home is somewhat larger than the condominium she is used to, and we don’t have any noise restrictions. That means freedom to a toddler.  Nola quickly discovered that a favorite activity was to convince any willing family member to hide and then to pop out and yell “BOO!” when she approached. Every startling encounter produced squeals and laughter, and she simply couldn’t get enough of this game. If only all surprises were this delightful. 

The Halloween season is an interesting time to reflect on whether any unpleasant surprises might be lurking in your loan portfolio. Have you ever experienced an unexpected regulatory downgrade of a significant loan relationship, or discovered after a loan default that a documentation deficiency would hamper your collection efforts? Maybe your underwriting did not consider the potential loss of an anchor tenant in a commercial property you financed. These are surprises more likely considered tricks than treats. 

If loan portfolio risk makes you shiver, our loan review specialists have the resources and expertise to help you scrutinize the nooks and crannies of your loan portfolio for any potential threats. If the economy raises the hair on the back of your neck, we can help you introduce stress testing and loan structuring into your underwriting procedures to help minimize the impact of a market correction. If staff turnover has depleted your first line of defense, we can provide customized training. Let us help you knock the cobwebs out of the corners and shoo the creepy crawlies from your loan portfolio. To learn more, click here for information, feel free to contact your Wipfli Relationship Executive, or send an email to


Cynthia Brzeski, CPA, CRC
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