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Discovering Efficiency

Jul 19, 2017
Financial Institutions

The annual Harris Corporation Reputation Poll recently named Amazon as the number one company for the second year in a row. This online poll analyzes social responsibility, vision and leadership, financial performance, products and services, workplace environment, and emotional appeal. While some may argue the poll is biased, it would be tough to deny that Amazon is doing a lot of things well.

A company such as Amazon hasn’t made its mark in the retail sector by luck of the draw. Its success is indicative of its innovative approach to business, constant self-evaluation and discovery, and willingness to change. With a business model that recognizes and acts on opportunity, you probably don’t hear the words “because we’ve always done it that way” too often at management meetings!

As individuals, we can take note of this approach and apply its basic concepts to our professional and personal lives. On the professional side, consider Wipfli’s service known as a Discovery Event. In this type of engagement, we work with our clients to analyze one or more of their processes and come up with strategies to become more efficient. We have worked with clients that have reduced processes by almost 50%! The results can be amazing! On the personal side, consider going through the same exercise on an individual basis. Resist the urge to keep things as they are if a change is indicated. When we are at our best, the benefits extend to our clients, colleagues, families, and beyond. Discovering efficiency is a win-win!


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