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We Sell Time

Jan 18, 2018
Financial Institutions

If you were to ask me what my elevator speech would be as an auditor/consultant, I would say, “We sell time.” We offer the opportunity for you to delegate and collaborate, creating the potential to unlock valuable time. 

 With all that we have going on in our lives, it’s vital that we delegate and collaborate. This is something we know and practice at Wipfli every day, but it became even more apparent to me this week at the board meeting for my local youth baseball league when discussing the numerous upcoming tasks for the season while also thinking about my other commitments to work, friends, clients, and family.

We’re all busy, and we all have things in our lives that pull us in different directions. The things we choose to do come at the sacrifice of something else we didn’t choose. Those who are happy and successful in life have made figured out how to delegate and collaborate. With the youth baseball league, we all work together to get the job done and ensure we maintain our sanity. Work should be no different.

Wipfli has seasoned experts who have worked in and with banks in nearly every area of the industry, allowing us to offer our clients many different services. If you’re like me and wondering how to get everything done, then resolve to delegate and collaborate.

To buy some time, give Wipfli a call and let us know how we can help. 

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