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‘That doesn’t look so bad’ will be my epitaph

Apr 20, 2020
By: Kristen L. Eustis
‘That doesn’t look so bad’ will be my epitaph

It feels like the older I get the quicker time seems to go and the further behind I get. I try to stay organized, both digitally and old school, but I swear some days seem to have less than 24 hours.

It’s always those days when I look at my list and think, “Well, that doesn’t look so bad,” that it all seems to fall apart.

I am a co-owner of a CrossFit gym. I always silently chuckle when a member comes in and looks at the workout and casually says, “Well, that doesn’t look so bad.” Those are always the workouts that leave you dying on the floor.

The same thing happens with that daily list that “doesn’t look so bad.” When I’m not at a client, I work from home. I’m an early riser, so I like to get online as soon as I can. I’ll sit down raring to go and look at my list. “Boy, that doesn’t look so bad. I should be able to clock out early and go for a run.” Next thing I know, I am looking up from my computer and the sun has set. That easy list is half done, and that run is but a fleeting thought. 

I envy those people who appear to have their life together, breezing through the day, getting it all done — those people who get through their list, clock out early and get to actually go for that run. How do they do it?

They prioritize their time and ask for help when they need to. 

In the compliance world, tasks can get added to your list all the time. The current health and economic crisis abruptly changed everyone’s list. Not only do you have the things we knew about like Regulation CC changes for funds availability, Regulation E changes to the remittance transfer rule or the inevitable sunset of LIBOR; but now, other things you never dreamed of have also been added. Is everything on your list? Are you able to prioritize them appropriately given the circumstances?

Resolve to have 20/20 vision this year. Make sure you’re seeing everything clearly and become one of those people who gets to actually go for that run and not just put it on your list.

It’s okay to ask for help, and that is what Wipfli can provide. Answers to your questions, addressing the new issues due to COVID-19, specialized audits, or compliance help — we are here to not only help get things crossed off that list but also leave you time to go for that run. 


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