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Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online – Use Service Accounts Without Consuming a CRM License

Jul 02, 2016
By: Mike Adler

Most Microsoft Dynamics® CRM implementations have the need for some kind of service account.  This account is used for running background jobs and integrations; no one ever physically logs into this account.  For security reasons, the account is created with the minimal security permissions needed to do its job.  Typically the password never expires because no one is monitoring it to know when to change the password.  Its sole purpose is to do work in the background on a set schedule.
While the work that this account does is important, it seems like a waste to consume a valuable CRM license.  What if I told you, you don’t need a license?  Dynamics CRM Online allows you to create up to five of these service accounts for free!
Non-interactive users are often used when writing service-to-service code because they do not use up a license.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows for five free non-interactive users.  To disable a non-interactive user, update the user record changing the accessmode value to any other value.  The user will be disabled automatically.” 1
Creating one of these accounts takes a few steps.  You will need to have an available CRM License to create the account, but once the account is created you will no longer need the license.  If you don’t have any available licenses you can remove a license from an existing user and then reassign it when you’re done.
Here are the steps to create the service account:
  1. Create the service account and set the password to not expire for this account (Optional).
  2. This can be an Active Directory account on your network or an O365 (Office 365) cloud account.  If it’s a local AD account, it will need to be synchronized with O365.
  3. Go to the O365 Admin Portal and assign a CRM license to the user.  Wait until the user record is created in CRM before going on to the next step.
  4. Edit the user in CRM by going to SettingsàSecurityàUsers and opening the new user you just created.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the User form and expand the “Administration” tab.
  6. Change the “Access Mode” to “Non-interactive”
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Go back to the O365 Admin Portal and remove the CRM License from the user.
That’s it!  You now have a fully-functional service account.  Just remember, you will not be able to login to the web client, mobile client, or Outlook client as this user.  It can only be used for background processes.
As always, please reach out to the Wipfli CRM team at if you have any questions specific to customizing, upgrading, or anything else CRM!


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