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Dynamics 365 and Relationship Assistant

Jan 06, 2017

One of the biggest new features for the upcoming Dynamics 365 release is the new Relationship Insights suite. Relationship Insights is compiled by four separate components:


  • Relationship Analytics
  • Relationship Assistant
  • Auto Capture
  • Email Engagement

Relationship Assistant is a new feature part of the Relationship Insights suite from Dynamics 365. Geared towards your road warrior, this new feature provides you with actionable cards notifying you of important upcoming events, tasks and other to-dos. By better understanding critical items needing your attention, you will be more productive and efficient.

The focus of this functionality is mostly for you mobile users out there, but it will also be available for the web-version of Dynamics 365 within a record and Dashboards.


In the initial release, the cards are categorized in the following buckets:
  • Base Cards
  • Close date coming soon
  • Activity due today
  • Meeting today
  • Missed close date
  • Post-meeting follow-up

Email cards from Exchange (only for Dynamics 365 Online with Exchange Online as your email server)

  • Competitor mentioned
  • Customer question
  • File requested
  • Important email
  • Issue detected
  • Meeting requested
  • New lead/upsell opportunity
  • Stakeholder recommendation

Relationship analytics cards (only for Dynamics 365 Online customers)

  • No activity with {record type}

Email Engagement Cards
  • Opened email
  • Email reminder



Productivity cards

  • Nearby Customers
  • Relevant News
  • Stock updates
  • Upcoming flight
  • Upcoming meeting

“Today” cards

  • Recent meeting
  • Today’s top people
  • Today’s top records

With everyone’s hope to have more visibility into what’s important in your world, let Dynamics 365’s Relationship Assistant help you remove the noise around irrelevant data and help drive focus and productivity into your day to day.

We understand the size and magnitude of the Dynamics 365 upgrade and strive to be your trusted business advisors to help you through the journey. Please reach out to our Dynamics 365 team with any question you may have. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our other Dynamics 365 blogs.


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