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XrmToolbox – Plugin Trace viewer

Feb 05, 2018

Written by Vijay Annem, Senior Software Engineer

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365, advanced users (developers and admins) have the ability to perform an Advanced Find to query the plugin traces, however Dynamics 365 has vast limitations when it comes to showing only relevant information. That is where the XrmToolbox - Plugin Trace Viewer (PTV) comes into play. PTV allows these advanced users the ability to take a deeper dive into Plugin Trace Logs by adding filters and configuring the displays that results in the ability to view and organize data that they want to see.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 limitations include:

  1. Cannot include Message Block or Exception Details as columns in the query.
  2. It is not possible to filter and view only exception related traces when “All” is the plugin tracing option in Settings.
  3. It is not possible to use hours and minutes when needed to query plugin traces by “Create On”.

The XrmToolbox - Plugin Trace Viewer not only addresses these limitations, it also facilitates the below query options allowing the ease of filtering and viewing:

  1. Filter only Exceptions by selecting a check box
  2. Filter by Stage i.e. Pre Operation or Post Operation by selecting a check box
  3. Filter by Mode i.e. ASync or Sync by selecting a check box
  4. Specify range of duration
  5. Max number of records to fetch
  6. Filter by “Created On” with Date and Time stamps including minutes
  7. Filter with Plugin name by using a drop down
  8. Filter with Message or Event name by using a drop down
  9. Filter with Entity by using a drop down 
  10. Filter with Correlation ID

After filtering, double click plugin trace row, the specific trace will open in a separate browser window. Furthermore, you can get a correlation id from a specific trace and use this to further get all plugin traces that happened as part of an event.

For up-to-date information and more details on features of the Plugin Trace Viewer, please visit the Plugin Trace Viewer website.


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