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Microsoft’s Unified Interface is here to stay — and soon will be the only option

Oct 10, 2019
By: Lauren Haapakoski

If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, you have a year to convert to its Unified Interface. 

Microsoft announced that its web client customers will have to convert to the Unified Interface by October 2020. 

Here is how you can prepare.

What is the Unified Interface and what are its strengths?

Unified Interface, unveiled by Microsoft last year, makes it easier to access your Dynamics 365 data on any device. From the smallest phone to the largest monitor, the dashboard experience is excellent. 

Microsoft’s Unified Interface is here to stay — and soon will be the only option

Source: Microsoft 

Since we started transitioning clients from web client to Unified Interface, we’ve seen several other benefits:

  • Performance: We’ve seen at least a 60% improvement in grid load time and 30% improvement on form load time. 
  • Productivity enhancement: there are reduced clicks on common tasks through the timeline wall and business process flows. 
  • Navigation improvements: Move quickly between apps using recent and pinned favorites, and gain the ability to navigate to other records, whether it’s within a subgrid, related, main view or recently viewed. 
  • Focused roles: Users see only the tasks and information they need, reducing confusion and improving productivity. 
  • Embedded Power BI: With the Unified Interface, you can now embed interactive dashboards on all devices, including mobile. The embedded dashboards can also be accessed within D365.
  • Setting the default: The new UI is the default interface for the Dynamics App for Outlook, Dynamics mobile app and new Dynamics 365 app modules.

Now is the time to make your plan to move from Microsoft Dynamics 365’s legacy web client. October 2020 will get here faster than you think. 

How Wipfli can help

We can work with your team to analyze the effect of the change, plan your transition and prepare your team. Contact us to start work today. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Wipfli can integrate your people, processes and data with Microsoft 365 Dynamics, visit our web page or watch our free webinar.


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