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Give Your Dynamics 365 System a Check-Up

Oct 02, 2018
By: Andrew J. Potasek

Maximize performance, increase collaboration and streamline processes — that's what Microsoft Dynamics 365 is made to do, right? It is, if you're taking full advantage of it.

Performing a review, or health check, of your current Dynamics 365 environment can help your business leaders, sales managers and IT personnel leverage this software's full capabilities and achieve more for your business.

When working with new clients, we often find that many of their environments are overly complex and have data integrity and process issues. We help simplify their workstreams and provide recommendations that improve the user experience immediately and then develops a framework for future enhancements.

What Is a Dynamics 365 Sales Health Check?

A sales health check is a process designed to look at your strengths and weaknesses, figure out where your gaps are and provide analysis and deliverables that your business can use to boost your success. Maximizing your use of Dynamics 365 can help you align your organization's strategies and goals in order to grow your business.

A Dynamics 365 Sales Health Check involves:

  • Analyzing your organization's key processes and gathering feedback from relevant users
  • Reviewing your configurations, environment infrastructure and data usage to determine areas of improvement
  • Offering findings, insights and prioritized recommendations, as well as a roadmap for how to implement them

How to Perform Your Dynamics 365 Health Check

Wipfli's Dynamics 365 specialists advise you on industry best practices you can leverage and how it can best help you accomplish your goals. Those performing the health check will interview users, review your processes, analyze your existing system configurations and data usage and perform a gap analysis — among many other things — in order to provide recommendations on how to improve your use of Dynamics 365.

Along with enhancements and a roadmap for implementing them, D365 specialists will also deliver technical and functional findings, data usage reports and infrastructure health reports. These will further help you understand how you’re correctly using and not using Dynamics 365 and what you can do to better take advantage of its capabilities.

Give Your Dynamics 365 System a Check-Up

What Now?

To learn more about Wipfli’s Dynamics 365 sales health check, as well as our four complimentary D365 assessments and workshops, visit our Dynamics 365 page. If you are looking for further information about how your company can leverage CRM, please contact us.


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