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How Financial Institutions Can Use Dynamics 365 to Grow Their Cross-Sales and Customer Base

Nov 05, 2018
By: Kevin Scully
Financial Institutions

Keeping branches and business lines connected, managing data and gaining new customers are all familiar challenges for most businesses. But how powerful would it be for an organization to manage these challenges using a relationship management solution tailored to their industry?

We have found that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers just that for financial institutions. By consolidating information from your financial institution’s core processor, mortgage, investment and insurance systems, Dynamics 365 streamlines and optimizes your processes, allowing you to provide enhanced customer service and grow your customer base. Using this tool lets you gain greater visibility into referrals, sales opportunities, customer life events, account balances and next best offers.

We have helped financial institutions improve client interactions by fostering a more sales-focused culture. Dynamics 365 further helps you reach this goal and takes it to the next level by enabling you to:

  • Increase cross-selling opportunities
  • Drive non-interest income and improve margins
  • Leverage comprehensive customer intelligence
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
  • Gain new customers

Making the Right Decision for Your Financial Institution

Technology should be a tool that makes your life easier and more productive, and part of this process is searching for the right solution. Wipfli offers a complimentary workshop that dives into Dynamics 365’s features, what your financial institution’s core processes and current challenges are, and how Dynamics 365 could help optimize those processes and increase collaboration and efficiency.

Our Dynamics 365 specialists demonstrate the tool’s features, provide best practices and answer your questions — all to help you make the most informed decision. And if Dynamics 365 is your final choice, these same specialists can not only implement the tool but also ensure your employees receive comprehensive training to utilize Dynamics 365’s full capabilities.

Your Next Step

To learn if this technology tool is the right fit for your financial institution, check us out in AppSource or learn how to get started today by contacting us here.


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