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May 17, 2020
By: Tammy T. Jelinek

Remember to get more guest bathroom towels.

Remember to send the client the presentation they requested.

Remember to answer my team’s question about ….

This seems to be how I spend every shower, every moment getting ready, every moment that I am in a place where writing or recording my “remembers” is not easy or available.

Am I alone in this?

We seem to be consuming so much more information these days. And we are trying to be effective in so many more areas that having my brain squirrel (if you have not seen the movie Up, this is totally a borrowed reference from a dog) is commonplace. Or maybe it’s age…sorry, digressed.

This is total confession time: I facilitate training on time management and time focus. Yet, I have yet to find the perfect to-do list option that blends my personal and professional to-do’s.

I have tried:

  • Writing them out on paper
  • Carrying around a purse size pad of paper everywhere
  • Keeping a white board in the bathroom
  • Asking a computer program to remind me
  • Creating computer task lists
  • Using a visual calendar
  • And so much more

I am committed to keeping up the journey until I find a solution that feels like an efficient and effective fit.

Any suggestion you have would be greatly appreciated:

  • What do you use?
  • How do you keep from squirrelling?
  • How have you committed to this solution as a habit?

Please teach those of us who are still willing to learn, try, etc.


Tammy T. Jelinek, MBA
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