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Recorded Webinar: Is Your Business Transferable?

Oct 25, 2018

Only 30% of private businesses are successful in their first generational transfer (70% failure rate). 

Only 14% pass from the second to third generation, and only 4% make it to the fourth generation.

We all know the importance of succession planning. Make a plan to transition your business…someday. 

But do you know the characteristics that actually make a business transferable?

And that the hard work you are doing every day in your business might be preventing you from doing the work on your business to prepare for the future?

The big question is: Is your business even transferable?

Hear Paul Lally, lead partner of Wipfli’s Business Transition Group in this on-demand webinar designed to get you thinking about the key transferability characteristics that are indicators of a successful business transition and what you can begin doing today to help perpetuate your business into the future.


Paul T. Lally
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