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Tax Update for Financial Institutions

Dec 08, 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed by President Trump at the end of 2017. Since that time, the IRS has provided numerous forms of guidance to help individuals, businesses, and the tax community at large to better understand these changes and how they impact all taxpayers. Many of the provisions within the new tax law, and subsequent IRS guidance, directly impact banks and can be proactively utilized to minimize tax liabilities. Join us for a webinar regarding how the tax law changes will impact your bank and what you will want to do in order to prepare. Topics include:

  • Federal tax changes affecting C corporations and S corporations
  • Tax planning strategies and opportunities for tax savings
  • Update on IRS audit activities
  • Tax-related accounting issues
  • Information reporting updates

This webinar was created for senior management handling tax issues.


Jason J. Wimmer, CPA, MBT
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