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Hacking the Financial Institution: New developments in cybersecurity regulation, examination and incident response

Jeff Olejnik
Oct 05, 2017

Your institution has been hacked!

Was your institution ready? What are your next steps? Who is in charge? Who do you notify? Should you notify anyone? How do you protect your institution and prevent this from occurring again?

This one-hour webinar program discusses institution specific incidents and focus on need-to-know cybersecurity issues for financial institutions and the steps banks can take to protect themselves.

Vedder Price attorneys and Wipfli cybersecurity consultants share their knowledge and specific experiences in advising institutions on these topics so that your institution can not only meet the cybersecurity standards that the federal and state regulators require of you, but also so that you may ready your institution’s cybersecurity program in the event your institution falls victim to criminal hackers.

Topics covered include the following:

  • Cybersecurity Regulation and Examination in 2017
    • What are the cybersecurity standards that your institution must satisfy in dealing with a data incident?
    • What are the examiners looking for in reviewing your cybersecurity program and incident response?
  • Incident Response: A Step-By-Step Guide
  • Recent Developments: Wannacry, and The Next Generation of Ransomware 

Presented by:

 Jeff Olejnik and Marc Courey, Wipfli cybersecurity consultants, along with James M. Kane, Daniel C. McKay, II and Mark C. Svalina, Vedder Price Financial Institutions attorneys

CLICK HERE to view the recorded webinar. 



Jeff Olejnik
Marc W. Courey
CPA/CFF, JD, LLM, CFE, CICA, CCEP, CIA, Director – Forensic & Litigation Services


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