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Insightful decisions: How one manufacturer used data to recast its future

Aug 13, 2019

Can you imagine how you could improve your manufacturing business if you could combine the historical knowledge of your team with tangible data to drive proactive decisions?

In this webinar, we’ll share the journey of how one manufacturing company — from the CEO to the shop floor supervisor — could reshape the future of their company.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • About the impact technology is expected to have on productivity gains for manufacturers
  • How Machine Metrics can take data and push it into the cloud and then have that data available at touch of a screen
  • How eight levels of employees used data to reshape their thinking and actions
  • How data can turn reactive thinking into proactive decisions

Join Bill Bither, Machine Metrics CEO, and Mark Stevens, Wipfli partner, share how data can turn reactive decisions into proactive solutions.


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