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Your must-see guide to obtaining energy tax credits and other incentives

Teri Samples
Jul 25, 2023

Find out whether your business qualifies for clean energy incentives.

Learn how the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act may help boost your bottom line through a range of clean energy tax credits.

Watch our webinar from July 25, 2023, to find out how:

  • Construction and real estate firms can obtain energy-related credits.
  • Manufacturing companies may benefit from producing energy-related components.
  • Dealerships and other businesses may benefit from electric vehicle credits.
  • Investing in energy-related projects may qualify for energy credits.
  • Many businesses, including nonprofit organizations, can enhance and monetize the credits.
  • Credits relate to your ESG journey and to learn about current trends.

Wipfli’s energy team has a broad range of experience in tax, audit and law, and helps a range of industries eligible for these incentives. Our extensive knowledge of these federal energy incentives, which cover tax deductions and credits, enables us to help businesses navigate the complex provisions to maximize their benefit.

Learn how recent legislation may impact your business.


Teri Samples
CPA, Partner
Doug Kolker
CPA, Partner
Andrew Seifert
Sarah K. Williams
CPA, Senior Manager


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