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E-commerce initiatives: How automation impacts state sales tax collection and filings

May 25, 2022

When it comes to sales tax, state revenue agencies have become aggressive in finding non-filers as well as auditing those businesses that are registered and collecting sales tax. Now that most U.S. states have economic nexus provisions in place, the use of automated tax technology is critical in helping businesses manage filings and minimize tax risks to ensure compliance.  

That’s where NetSuite comes into play. NetSuite is a leading ERP platform that is engineered to scale with growing businesses and help streamline their processes. Easily integrated with Vertex, a leading tax automation engine, NetSuite enables your organization to focus on core business processes while quickly adapting to new market opportunities.

Want to learn more about the impact of tax automation? Wipfli, a top national accounting and business consulting firm, brings deep experience in both the tax and tech worlds and how the two integrate. Access our recorded webinar that discussed:

  • The latest updates and hot topics around state and local tax and economic nexus
  • The benefits of using automation to streamline your back-office business processes and order-to-cash-transactions
  • Key considerations and best practices for automating sales and use tax processes for multi-state filings