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Developing a business resilience mindset through strategic planning

Feb 19, 2023

The best way for an organization to weather volatile economic and market conditions is to stick with their long-term strategic plan. It enables your team to provide assurance to clients and employees that your strong foundational footing will get you through whatever roadblocks come up and that you’ll emerge stronger than ever when recovery is underway.

A shared, written plan provides common language that builds confidence, improves performance and communicates the brand.

In this on-demand webinar, Paul Lally and Robert Zondag discuss the features of a resiliency plan to help your wealth and asset management business thrive through any conditions. Watch to learn:

  • The value of creating or updating your strategic plan.
  • The difference between strategic planning and resiliency planning.
  • How organizational culture factors into your resiliency planning.
  • The importance of agility on your leadership team.


Paul T. Lally
Robert H. Zondag
CTP, Partner


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