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Wipfli's Ann Broderick Completes IBFD-AG's Certification in International Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals and Expatriates

Monday, March 5, 2018

Ann Broderick, CPA, partner at Wipfli, recently earned the IBFD-AG Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation of High Net Worth Individuals and Expatriates. Jointly created by Allinial Global (Allinial) and the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), one of the world's foremost authorities on international taxation, this rigorous program allows participants to differentiate themselves by becoming certified experts in international taxation. 

Heralding more than twenty-five years of experience in leading, advising and consulting with individuals, business owners and stakeholders, Broderick is no stranger to helping clients navigate tax complexities. "This can be a confusing and involved topic for many expatriates and high net worth individuals living and working abroad," noted Broderick. "I look forward to using my expanded certification to better serve our current and future clients." Completion of the IBFD-AG certification program not only demonstrates Broderick's commitment to serving the global growth and expansion needs of clients, it also strengthens Wipfli's in-house capabilities for these individuals.

On their way to certification, program participants engage in a combination of self-study courses and live webcasts, followed by a final three-day training event. Course materials focus on three central components in the taxation of expatriates and high net worth individuals: fundamentals, selected issues, and international tax aspects of structuring. In order to complete the certification process, participants must pass an assessment during each stage of the program, as well as a final exam.

"As businesses continue to globally expand, it is important for tax leaders to refine our skills to better serve clients," says Broderick. "Achieving this hard-earned distinction and the work involved to meet the required standards better equips me as a professional in my field."