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CIO Advisory Services

Navigate technological needs with the advice of an experienced, objective voice.

Demystify technology strategy and execution for CEO/CFO/CIOs and CTOs by aligning business outcomes with innovation and leadership of CIO Advisory Services. The advisory services:

  • Empower the overall strategic plan with technical execution
  • Benchmark against industry standards
  • Set strategy for successful management of infrastructure
  • Guide application paths and roadmaps
  • Lead innovation efforts to enable organizations to pivot and adapt
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • Manage vendor relations, negotiations, and escalations
  • Lead and staff key projects as needed
  • Educate on important trends in the industry

With multidisciplinary experience in areas including infrastructure, application development, business financials, collaboration, business intelligence, corporate culture, and business process improvement, advisors find and assist in areas where technology drives growth.

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