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Software selection services

The right fit — on the first try

When you need a critical piece of technology, starting the selection process can be daunting.

New software is a big investment. It comes with big risk. And it’s a big-time commitment.

Are you concerned with balancing your team’s day-to-day priorities with collecting requirements, finding software providers, leading demos and understanding pricing?

Wipfli helps organizations choose the right software by taking the project management burden off their shoulders. Experienced, skilled consultants lead requirements-gathering sessions so that all your critical processes and software needs are captured and prioritized. We break down vendor RFP responses into key pieces, giving your team concrete data to make decisions.

When it comes time for the selected vendors to present their software demos, we provide them a demo script based on your high-priority requirements and workflows, which means you see the relevant pieces of the software — not the clutter. We also give your evaluation team a demo scorecard so that they can evaluate vendors based on what really matters to your organization.

Let our team create clear and efficient conversations around your software requirements, while freeing up more of your team’s time to focus on serving your customers. We’re here to help your organization choose a software solution that’s the best combination of product, service and cost.

Software selection checklist
Six steps to help you make the right choice
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