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Strategic HR review

Better manage your most critical asset — your employees.

How well do your HR functions contribute to the management of your team?

Wipfli’s strategic human resources review asks the essential questions — helping you gain full visibility into your organization’s human resources policies, procedures, systems and compliance with federal law.

With a strategic HR review, you can establish and maintain sound HR management practices, attract and retain talented workers, preserve and enhance employee relationships, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Our experienced HR consulting services team analyzes and assesses the full range of your HR functions, including:

  • HR department structure, functions and staffing
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions
  • Recruitment, selection and new employee onboarding practices
  • Performance management systems
  • Compensation systems
  • Benefit offerings
  • Succession plans
  • Training/development
  • Corrective action and termination procedures
  • Employee communication systems
  • General compliance with state and federal employment laws
  • Employment record keeping

Sample RFP
Download a free sample RFP for a strategic HR review, tailored to nonprofits