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Talent management consulting

Get strategic, results-driven support

Whether you’re looking to develop high performers, hire new leaders or help a current leader fulfill their development, our team can help. Our coaches bring years of experience and industry knowledge and are certified in tools and processes to help you.

How do we work with you?

Wipfli provides strategic human resources and organizational development support to organizations committed to hiring, managing, rewarding, developing and retaining employees.

  • Organizational structure: When you need to step back and evaluate your core team, address skill gaps or align reporting relationships, the stakes are high. Bringing in experienced outside help can be the key to your success. Engage Wipfli to help ensure your organization is primed to move forward with its best structure and strongest job roles.
  • Succession planning: Many organizations are struggling with a lack of talent on the bench to move into key positions. When it comes to succession management, we help you identify your gaps and create and execute a strategy for successful leadership transition.
  • Rewards and recognition: With the skilled labor gap growing, you may wonder whether your compensation plans and recognition programs are strong enough to attract and keep the best talent. Our specialized team at Wipfli can help you develop a winning compensation strategy, as well as practical reward programs to recruit, retain and motivate all levels of leaders and employees.
  • Change management: The number one success factor for any major initiative is managing change effectively. Leverage our change management team to help lead you through sensitive or complex organizational changes. With Wipfli on your team, you can navigate change and adjust your strategy to meet your organization’s goals.