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Modern accounting system

How Sage Intacct delivers all the essential features of a modern accounting system

Accounting systems are not something you change or replace very often. However, as your organization grows in size or complexity, you will reach a point where manual processes are draining your productivity and you struggle to analyze the growing range of your financial and operating data. You’ll need a better way to handle accounting within your organization. You’ll need to modernize your system.

At a minimum, a modern accounting system should automate and streamline core financial management functions such as:

  • Accounts receivable (order to cash)
  • Accounts payable (procure to payment)
  • Financial close
  • Time and expense capture
  • Fund accounting
  • Project accounting
  • Revenue recognition and management

But you will hardly be able to fuel your growth by simply automating the minimum. For a list of essential attributes you should look for — and a look into how Sage Intacct meets the very definition of a modern accounting system — download this white paper now by filling out the form.