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Bellin Health, is one of Northeast Wisconsin’s largest health care organizations and a long-time Wipfli client. In late July, Bellin was faced with a challenging situation regarding one of their key service lines and had an immediate need for help in understanding the critical issues facing this service line. Bellin need this information in days and knew they could turn to Wipfli for help, as they have in the past. 

Jane Jerzak immediately met with Bellin’s leadership to gather the data needed. Once the data was in hand, the Wipfli team quickly began validating and analyzing the data. They then arranged the data into a format that would allow Bellin’s executive committee and board of directors to make decisions about the complicated issues at hand. 

Within a few days, the Wipfli Team was back at Bellin to deliver the report to the organization’s leaders. After a four-hour session, the team left to address Bellin’s questions by reworking the data to understand the impact of alternative strategies. They also produced recommendations, which Jane then presented to the board’s executive committee early the following morning. That same day, Bellin made some crucial decisions about the service line – decisions they felt confident in making because of the quality of Wipfli’s work. 

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