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Wipfli was retained to evaluate our growth and development opportunities that would involve a potential assisted-living facility on our campus. Hillview needed comprehensive market information for this opportunity in order to decide which options to pursue, if any. The information we needed included:

  • Market potential for an assisted-living facility in our area on our present campus
  • Background information for the County Supervisors on the continuum-of-care concept
  • Comparable and competitive information about the competition for the service area and a quantitative competitive market assessment based upon existing secondary market data
  • Market research and factors that could influence current demand, as well as for the next 5 to 10 years


Wipfli completed a customized market analysis that identified competitors, total market potential, and specific market segments:

  • Provided a quantitative analysis of market share by competitor, end-use application, and geography
  • Assessed the assisted-living potential pipeline or development activity for the service area and the potential impact on Hillview Health Care Center’s project


With the market knowledge gained from working with Mike and Wipfli, Hillview had the information needed to select the right project to move forward. We also gained the knowledge to modify our preconceived assisted-living vision to meet the market need. I have found Wipfli to be extremely professional and organized, noticeably different than the typical consultant relationship I'm used to. Wipfli has been more like a strategic partner and trusted advisor and has surpassed my expectations. We will be using other Wipfli services in the future.