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Northeast Regional Medical Center (NRMC) was faced with increased competition from larger medical centers and area critical access hospitals and the loss of several physicians over the past five years. It was critical for the organization to develop a clear growth strategy. The need for a unified vision of the organization's future and the identification of key service lines became the driving force behind the decision to use Wipfli.


Wipfli worked with NRMC to develop an appropriate scope of services based on an in-depth service line planning process that included service line profitability, along with market and competitor assessments and a physician need analysis.


Although NRMC has just completed its initial service line planning engagement with Wipfli, they are already seeing benefits. The organization has a unified vision that has achieved the buy-in of all constituents. A comprehensive physician recruiting plan has been developed and is being implemented. Finally, the organization has an understanding of its key service lines and has identified service lines that will serve as “centers of distinction” to fuel growth and those areas that pose a future risk to the organization’s performance. The engagement helped to change leadership’s view and perception of the market and service line opportunities. NRMC anticipates that, long term, this engagement will lead to growth and improved performance of the organization.

NRMC has indicated that they would definitely partner with Wipfli again on a well-disciplined approach to understanding key market, financial, and physician factors impacting current performance and shaping a successful future for the organization based on high-impact strategies.

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