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Klamath Family Head Start: Technology Health Check

Klamath Family Head Start (KFHS) is a grant-funded, nonprofit organization in the state of Oregon. KFHS and its 86 employees across four locations provide services in Head Start, Early Head Start, Home Visiting, Healthy Families, Early Childhood Intervention, the federal WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) nutrition program, and Fatherhood and Motherhood programs. KFHS serves roughly 550 Head Start applicants per year, a number that is growing. 

In order to serve their missions, nonprofit organizations are typically expected to provide data-driven outcomes on miniscule budgets. KFHS’s leadership recognized this reality and the need to develop a modern, proactive technology strategy to more effectively deliver outcomes in its community. Previously, KFHS underinvested in IT with a reactionary approach to issues versus planned strategic initiatives, typical of most mission-driven nonprofits. The organization also was staffed with only one dedicated IT employee to address all its needs. 

Wipfli conducted a Technology Health Check, identifying improvements and opportunities along with providing KFHS prioritized recommendations. The review highlighted problems and solutions for the group’s antiquated hardware, an email and document storage system with limited functionality, an archaic phone system, and computers that were not centrally managed, creating inefficiencies and security concerns. Among the key, high-priority projects Wipfli recommended were:

  • Implement a cloud-based communication and collaboration system, eliminating the need to replace the costly in-house server.
  • Implement centralized security and administration of all PCs and laptops across the entire organization.
  • Implement a managed service agreement from Wipfli to provide support services, centralized system management tools, and assistance with keeping initiatives moving forward.

KFHS now has a reliable technology strategy, one that’s aligned with its organizational strategy and community goals. By becoming an all-cloud organization, KFHS has realized greater efficiencies throughout the entire organization. It has allowed for real-time collaboration thanks to the easy access and quick, secure sharing of tools, documents, and files, as well as the time and cost savings associated with its new, centralized systems management. KFHS also benefits from a strategic partnership with Wipfli that supports and augments both day-to-day needs and KFHS’s future strategic vision.    

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